Labour Market Inclusion

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Objectives and Purpose

The KAIROS insertion approach developed by Selection & Conseils allows to draw up a global and multifactorial profile of a person. It focuses on the person’s potential and resources.

The KAIROS employment assessment takes into account the following factors:

The diversity of the instruments and the complementarity of the analysis criteria allow for a fine assessment and a cross-reading of the various dimensions.

KAIROS can rely on more than 70 tests, created by Selection & Conseils, which are not available outside of the mandates to ensure exclusivity for its clients.

A KAIROS employment assessment, with its wide range of tools and easy-to-read results, provides an objective basis for supporting your career planning or retraining. It provides a personal profile that allows you to assess your readiness to join the labor market. It defines the actions to be taken in order to evolve and progress. Thanks to a better understanding of the stakes of your future insertion, you become aware of your assets, as well as the points that can or must be improved.

What criteria are considered?

Efficiency or intellectual resources represented as a triangular diagram. Each criterion is displayed on one of the axes. The higher the score, the higher the potential.

Eight success factors presented in a diagram. They illustrate the most important elements for achieving quality performance. They help to increase the probability of success in a reorientation or retraining.

The development potential represented as a horizontal bar. Each bar represents the level of readiness and suitability in the mentioned area. Each area can be developed and improved through appropriate action.

Personal attitudes expressed as a percentage. The higher the score, the more pronounced the dimension considered. Two control scales complete this test: A first scale is used to assess the level of authenticity of the person. A second scale indicates the degree of openness and the ability to question.

A personalized report provides a basis for reflection and discussion, allowing for better integration into the labour market and better support. It provides a global and objective assessment for an informed decision.

The higher the scores, the more assets the person has and the better prepared they are. Each factor can be developed through a focused approach.

This profile should be interpreted first and foremost as a snapshot of the person, of where he or she is at a given moment, of his or her qualities and strengths.

It offers the specificity of presenting different aspects of a person’s development potential.

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