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Kairos refers to the Greek god who represents the relationship to time to create the opportune opportunity. It describes a precise and decisive duration. … The decisive tipping point.

Kaïros means “Now is the right time to act” and is part of our approach to provide you with the information you need to make the best choice.

Learn about our KAïROS approach

KAïROS, is a methodology that combines your company knowledge with our expertise in people,

KAïROS enables you to identify motivations, values, personal and professional attitudes of your applicants and employees,

KAïROS, provides professional advice and recommendations from experts in assessments, recruitment and human resources,

KAïROS uses original tools – tests and questionnaires – developed and implemented for and with companies, professional schools and universities since 2003

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Labour Market Inclusion

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Our values

"Every day that passes human beings lose a part of their humanity, preferring a more efficient and less fallible form of artificiality. Whenever they can, they delegate their choices, decisions and opinions to machines, algorithms, statistics, rankings (...). Is that how we want the world? Efficient, opaque and cold?"

Alessandro Baricco in The Game, p. 20 Gallimard.

 Our approach is based on values: ETHICS   -  LISTENING -  CREATIVITY

Founded in 2003 by Charles Mottier and Alain Crombecque, psycho-neurologist, Selection & Conseils was created to respond to growing requests for professional evaluation, including demands of the School of Applied Science and the need to coordinate and perform selection procedures for administrations and schools.

Selection & Conseils has developed fully computerized test batteries and an easy to apply procedure that allows to operate simultaneous test sessions on a large scale. With 93.7% of success, the validity of this procedure was verified in an independent research published in 2007.

Today, with more than 20 years of experience, the skills of its employees and innovative tools, Sélection et Conseils successfully supports a large range of companies, as the tertiary sector (banks, insurance, IT), industry, government, health and education.

Sélection & Conseils is a real resource for companies that want to optimize their selection process and internal promotion procedures.

It places itself as a privileged interlocutor for business leaders and decision-makers by accompanying them in achieving their objectives and projects.

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Diverse skills and talents at your service!

Charles Mottier


Psychologist-advisor with more than 50 years of professional experience, former assistant to Professor André Rey. Development of psychometric tests, statistical analyses and specialist in orientation and personal development.

Tessa Brugger


Over 20 years of experience in career guidance, personal and professional development, establishment of professional profiles for industry, government and educational institutions. Evaluation of potential and talents, organization of admission procedures, development of psychometric tools, analysis of group dynamics, coaching. Working languages: French, English, German

Lucien Richard

Director - Human Resources

Human Resources Management Specialist with more than 30 years of experience in industry, tertiary and education. Change management and support for managers. Building and retaining high-performing teams. Succession and training management. Setting up compensation models.

Thomas Louichon

Mandate & Customer Manager

French and English bilingual psychologist, management of admission competitions, development of psychometric tools, statistical analyses and validations, recruitment support and profile evaluations.