Next generation professional

Organization of intrance exams tailored to the specific criteria of each field. Results generated as general rankings and individual profiles

Why ?

You want to optimize the selection procedure for your future students to ensure an optimal success rate.

Your challenges


You have to make a choice from a large number of applications. How compare efficiently various profiles? How to define the relevant criteria?

Identify the level of motivation

Looking to integrate properly oriented and motivated students

Reducing the failure rate

Looking to increase the success rate of training


You are looking to make your selection as simple and transparent as possible and thus avoid recourse

Our service

We offer a selection procedure allowing a classification of files according to the suitability of the training and the trade: collective session of computerized tests (with technical support), group tests, individual interviews.

You benefit from an objective and multidimensional decision-making basis.


Defining an assessment procedure tailored to the needs identified by managers and trainers

Individual or collective (on-site or remotely).

Analysis of results and ranking of applications

Follow-up and evaluation of results


Overall ranking

You obtain an objective ranking showing which candidates meet your expectations best.


The identity of the candidates can be verified by the use of the webcam. All data and results are secure and hosted in Switzerland.

Personalised criteria

Your selection is tailored to your specifics

Saving time

You optimize your selection time and can focus on analyzing the personality of your future students