Kaïros Assessment

Identifying the current and future potential of its employees

KAïROS Assessment can be used for all hiring, transfers and promotions, as well as for staff development and self-assessment. It can also be used to develop skill levels in specific departments (e.g. management, finance, sales, HR, etc.) and should ultimately be a way of promoting employee satisfaction and retention.

An employee’s potential is based on his or her professional qualifications, taking into account his or her soft skills and problem-solving abilities. It highlights his or her ability to identify with the company’s values, to integrate into a structure and to work harmoniously in the long term.

Four situations require special attention from managers:

  • Hiring a person for a position of responsibility.
  • Career development and job changes within the organization
  • Evaluating existing teams and identifying areas for improvement
  • Evaluating existing teams and identifying areas for improvement

KAïROS Assessment uses specific tools and exercises to test candidates’ behavior in the following situations:

  • Ability to integrate and interact in a group
  • Reaction to a stressful situation
  • Dealing with new or unusual problems
  • Personal organization.
The goal is to answer the following question: Is the person being assessed in line with the company, his/her team, his/her position, and current and future developments?

Structure of the report

  • Overall rating (summary) and by criteria (personality, problem solving, etc.)
  • Suitability for the position
  • Recommendations
    • Present situation
    • Development potential
    • Areas for improvement
    • Points of attention for managers

More Options

  • Management Interview
  • Commercial Interview
  • Written and oral expression
  • Personal Organization
  • Problem solving individually and/or in groups

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