Coaching service for individuals to strengthen and support you in crucial situations in your life

Why ?

What to choose? What can I do? What’s the right strategy? How do I do that?

These questions can affect us in all phases of our lives, whether it is work, training or personal life.

Our coaching service aims to accompany you and help you in key live experiences.

Your challenges


We are faced with a multitude of choices. What are the best for us? How do we deal with them?

Take risks

Taking risks is a natural part of our lifes. Leaving a job that no longer satisfies us? Start a new training? How do you deal with the consequences?

Face and manage stress

In uncertain situations, it is sometimes difficult to manage the stress.
How do you turn stress into positive energy, allowing you to move forward?

Our coaching service

By offering a coaching service, Selection & Conseils allows, through a series of sessions with our psychologists, to help you at any key moment in your life.

By providing you with new insights, advice and listening, you will face challenges with more confidence and efficiency. You are followed by one of our experienced psychologists, able to accompany you in 3 languages: French, English and German.


Price of one session

CHF 160 All taxes included
  • Coaching session (1 hour)
  • Advice and analysis

Monthly coaching rate

CHF 480 /month
  • 4 coaching sessions per month (1 hour)
  • Advice and analysis
  • Follow up

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