Kaïros for Corporations

A methodology that combines your company knowledge with our expertise in people

For selection, recruitment and mobility, the predictive value of our recommendations testifies to the relevance of our approach, methodology and tools.

We are implemented in different service sectors (banks, insurance, administration), as well as industry, IT and in the health and educational system. Our working languages are French, English and German.


We deliver individual profiles for each candidate including values, motivations, attitudes, resources and suitability for the vacant position, as well as a ranking of all applications based on criteria as diploma, experience, languages, others,… according to your needs and requests.


Internal mobility

We provide you with an individual profile of the employee and his/her suitability for the intendet position, as well as a report on his/her potential (current, applied and future) in terms of personality, judgement, network, resilience, energy and risk perception.


Team Cohesion - Loyalty

Some companies or structures are currently experiencing a lack of cohesion and team spirit among their staff. Internal communication is not optimal. The result is a siloed operation, which leads to a loss of dynamism and richness in terms of collective intelligence.


Selection of apprentices

We establish a comparisonof profiles which considers the level of potential, motivations, learning abilities and the relevance of the candidates’ career plans. This offers you an objective base to choose the right candidate and we advise you in the interpretation of the results for the best possible selection.



An employee’s potential is based on his or her professional qualifications, taking into account his or her soft skills and problem-solving abilities.


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