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Some companies or structures are currently experiencing a lack of cohesion and team spirit among their staff. Internal communication is not optimal. The result is a siloed operation, which leads to a loss of dynamism and richness in terms of collective intelligence. In order to strengthen the identification of employees with the company’s values and culture and thus improve team cohesion and performance, Selection & Consulting, specialists in human resources consulting, offers a 6-phase approach.


  • Enhanced internal interactions and collective intelligence
  • Improved team spirit and collaboration
  • Strengthened corporate culture and identity

Working Method

The favorite approach for this service is a participatory method, that brings together management and staff to encourage the involvement and creativity of each member of the team or teams to ensure an enriching, effective and shared experience.

It includes :

  • workshops with non-management employees and
  • individual interviews on request

The direct intervention with all employees allows for an in-depth understanding of each employee’s current situation in their professional context, as well as personalised feedback on their value profile.

The assessment tools used in each mandate have been developed and validated by Selection & Consulting and have been used successfully by experienced professionals in the HR sector for many years.

The testing programme is fully secure, as confirmed by an external audit in the summer of 2021. All personal data will be kept confidential and will not be shared with third parties.

The results of the psychometric tests are used as a basis for discussion in working sessions, analysis and group work.

Sélection & Conseils offers you a structured approach:

Phase 1

Translation of the managerial vision into a charter of expected behaviors for the group and for the employees, analysis of communication channels/modes, application of values and contextual factors

Phase 2

Setting up the test battery and the candidates' performances

Phase 3

Analysis and comparison of company values and employee profiles, identification of gaps, recommendations

Phase 4

Collective work on corporate values and expected behaviors. Reinforcement of a shared and evolving corporate identity (Workshops)

Phase 5

Formulation of implementation measures with management

Phase 6

Summary meeting and conclusion with the collaborators

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