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Objectives and Purpose

The KAIROS orientation approach developed by Sélection & Conseils allows to draw up a global and multifactorial profile of a person. It focuses on interests, preferences and values.
The diversity of the instruments and the complementarity of the analysis criteria allow for a fine assessment and a cross-reading of the various dimensions.
KAIROS can rely on more than 70 tests, created by Selection & Conseils, which are not available outside of the mandates to ensure exclusivity for its clients.
The KAIROS orientation assessment takes into account the following factors:
Orientation and interests; professional attractions; professional attitudes; professional preferences; personal values.

A KAIROS Career Assessment provides an objective basis for supporting a personal project of professional retraining or reorientation, thanks to the variety of tools used and the ease with which the results can be read. Among other things, it provides a profile that allows you to position yourself within twenty-one themes grouped into five areas of interest.
For an individual, thanks to a better understanding of his or her professional attractions, interests and values, he or she can identify areas of orientation and reconversion.
This assessment can thus validate the relevance and alignment of his or her orientation choices in order to enable him or her to embark on a new training program knowing his or her strengths and working points to focus on.

In companies, it means offering employees an assessment when they decide on a new training program or a career change. It means improving the exchange during a progress meeting about their motivation to take up a new challenge.
It means enabling them to be better prepared to take on new tasks or different responsibilities. It means finding the best organization and environment for them, supporting them and helping them to progress, in particular by working on their mobility.
It is also about promoting cooperation by identifying possible interactions, as some profiles fit better with others.

In our personalized reports, you will find a synthesis of the following five factors:

The professional attractions, presented in the form of a “pie chart”, allow you to instantly visualize the subject’s favorite professional areas and those he or she places in second place. Several graphs allow to quickly move from a global view to a detailed analysis of the candidate’s preferences. Training or certification paths can be added to the graphs.

Personal values are expressed as a percentage. Values are the source of a candidate’s motivation and can be considered as a person’s DNA. When the environment is in harmony with these values, the subject can express his or her full potential. If not, they can become a source of discomfort.

The orientation and interests tests as well as the career preferences are presented in the form of a “radar”. They help to position the candidate in relation to his/her preferences. It helps to identify possible areas for development.

The results of the Professional Attitudes Test are represented as vertical bars. They allow us to evaluate the sensitivity and the predisposition towards 7 main functions of the company.

Each report provides a basis for reflection and discussion, allowing for better integration into the world of work and better support. It provides a global and objective assessment for an informed decision.

This profile reflects the image of the person by illustrating their interests, attractions, values, qualities and strengths.

It can be complemented by an integration assessment which provides information on the candidate’s development potential and readiness to reintegrate into the professional world.

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Online tests

Intellectual potentiel (6 tests), emotional ressources, personality, interests, personal values, creativity and imagination

Interview with our counsellor

One hour session with our specialized counsellor. Discussion, advices and setting up a success plan.

Pricing orientation assessment

CHF 440 All taxes included
  • Online tests
  • Interview
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