Kaïros for Internal Mobility

A preliminary interview with the management and Human resources is conducted to assess the candidate’s current situation and to determine the responsibility level of the target position – promotion, expatriation, management, etc.

During this interview, we also consider the company’s motivations for promoting an internal candidate, his or her current and future environment and whether there is a development plan for the employee (training, promotion, salary).

This step is followed by second interview (about 90 minutes) with the nominee.

Based on these elements, we set up a test battery (*), as well as specific questionnaires relevant for the position in view , which will be internally checked for benchmarking.

The tests can be taken during working hours or at home, online. The test system is secured and matches the usual requirements of personal data protection and respect of the candidates’ privacy.

We provide you with an individual profile including values, motivations, attitudes, resources and suitability for the position, as well as a report on potential (current, applied and future) considering personality, ability to discern, network, stamina, energy and risk perception.

We accompany this report with an interpretation and discussion of the individual results and provide you with recommendations on strengths and areas for attention.

(*) We use original tests, developed by us and not available online.

Your challenges

Maintain motivation

Offering your employees an opportunity for mobility and internal promotion to guarantee a high motivation level

Invest in human capital

The human capital in your company is essentiel and it is important to value and expand it

Identify the right profile

Enable personal evolutions while improving business performance

Your benefits

Meaningful summary

A report concerning the results of tests and interviews illustrating the points of convergence between the profile of reference and the candidate.

Performance increase

Recommendations for an optimal probability of success.

Developing your human capital

Advice for the development and progression of successful candidates and proposals for unsuccessful candidates

Time savings

Our mobility and progression program allows you to focus on the development of your business while developing your human capital.

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