Mental and emotional reinforcement

Staff Support Program to Maintain Efficiency, Emotional Balance and Manage Anxiety

Why ?

The crises that businesses may face are numerous and place all employers and employees facing very difficult challenges:

Your challenges

Maintain motivation

Strengthen emotional resources to maintain personal engagement, motivation and effectiveness of employees

Maintaining commitment

Increase the skills of change management: give the means to manage the imposed professional changes (telework, partial unemployment, self-management, multi task, ...)

Anticipating problems

Anticipating post-crisis consequences: burn-out, anxiety disorders, depression, etc.

Optimizing work

Optimizing communication and collaboration remotely

Our service

We offer a program to assess the emotional state of your employees, concrete tools to strengthen personal resources and define motivational values.

The efficiency and endurance of the employees will be significantly increased.


Emotional assessment of employees using validated and computerized assessment tools

Individualized personal strengthening program (positive psychology, hypnosis, relaxation, etc.)

Coaching and coaching

Monitoring and evaluation of results


Increased motivation

Keep a motivated team determined to overcome the crisis with the company.

Decrease absences

Preventing the of absenteeism's phases and sick leave

Improved atmosphere

Focus on problem solving

Increased involvement

Increase employees' creativity and initiative