MAP - Mobility and progression

Use this program to identify candidates with potential for internal progression in your company.

Why ?

Mobility and internal promotion are important ingredients of motivation. However, it is crucial to identify the potential and limits of employees before offering them a new role within the company.

Your challenges

Maintain motivation

Offering your employees an opportunity for mobility and internal promotion to guarantee a high motivation level

Invest in human capital

The human capital in your company is essentiel and it is important to value and expand it

Identify the right profile

Enable personal evolutions while improving business performance

Our MAP service

You value your employees because they constitute an intangible capital, an essential part of the added value of your company. Mobility and internal promotion are important ingredients of motivation. They are sources of high performance and reinforce loyalty to the company.

The identification of candidates with the necessary qualities for internal progress as well as their degree of commitment allows to invest wisely.

Our MAP service provides relevant elements for informed decision-making.


Strategic interviews with management to define suitable reference profiles

Computer test progam, calibrated and in accordance with your specific needs

Individual interviews with co-workers with potential for career evolution

Result summary and recommendations

Your benefits

Meaningful summary

A report concerning the results of tests and interviews illustrating the points of convergence between the profile of reference and the candidate.

Performance increase

Recommendations for an optimal probability of success.

Developing your human capital

Advice for the development and progression of successful candidates and proposals for unsuccessful candidates

Time savings

Our mobility and progression program allows you to focus on the development of your business while developing your human capital.