Recruitment indicator assessment

A program of profile evaluation that allows efficient and timely attractive processing of an important number of applications.

Why ?

It represents a real challenge to identify the best candidates out of an important number of applications.

Which profiles to retain? Which candidate needs to be interviewed?

Your challenges

Assessing applications

Which criteria to use to retain the best candidates? What are the objectives?


How compare profiles effectively, and based on which objective criteria?


How to select the right candidates for an interview?

Retaining the right candidate

How to define the basis for successful collaboration?

Our service

We offer a profile evaluation program that effectively processes a high number of applications. It identifies the candidates who meet best the expectations of the company.

The tool provides a quick and objective decision-making basis with very significant time savings.


Preliminary interview to fix recruitment objectives and criteria

Personalised recruitment testing

Ranking of candidates

Follow-up and statistical evaluation of the procedure

Your benefits

Personalised criteria and goals

Your recruitment criteria are in line with your company


The identity of the candidates can be verified thru a webcam. All generated data is hosted in Switzerland. Candidates are able to be tested from home on their personal PC or MAC.

Objective ranking

You obtain an objective ranking showing which candidates meet your expectations best.

Time savings

You can concentrate on meeting the right candidates

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