Personal and professional profile assessment

Training and career counseling Available in French, German and English from the age of 15. 

Why ?

What to choose? What can I do? What are my dreams and what is compatible with my abilities and the job market? These questions arise when we leave school, but also often during our career and it is often very difficult to find the right answers.

Your challenges

Find your professional path

Which direction to take, how to chose amongst the various possibilities and to meet the expectations of the emloyment market?

Find your talents

What are my strengths? What is compatible with the current employment market?

Career plan

How do I prepare my professional future? What steps do I need to take? Which studies, courses to follow?

Our orientation assessment

By offering an orientation assessment, Sélection & Conseils allows through online tests as well as a personalized interview to provide clarifications and answers to the questions inherent to any orientation process.

Our service is offered by 3 experienced counsellors and available in 3 languages: French, English and German. Our online test program will provide accurate guidance based on your interests, talents and inspirations.


Online assessment program

Personal interview (virtually or physically in our office) with an experienced career counsellor

Establishment of a career plan


Online evaluation

Intellectual potentiel (6 tests), emotional ressources, personality, interests, personal values, creativity and imagination

Interview with our counsellor

One hour session with our specialized counsellor. Discussion, advices and setting up a success plan.

Pricing orientation assessment

CHF 440 Taxes included
  • Online tests
  • Interview
  • Success plan